After signing up or creating your account with you will be redirected to the payment page where you will have to approve a cash out of GH¢100.00 from your wallet, this will be credited(GH¢20 each) to five of your up line (these are names of people who are already members of Wealth Souvenirs Ghana).

Note!!! Please note that you should have a minimum balance of GH¢101.00 on your mobile wallet before beginning the payment procedure.

a. Enter your mobile carrier, name and phone number in the payment page. Keep an eye on your phone; an approval request will appear for you to approve the GH¢100.00 cash out which will credit the five members accounts automatically.

b. When the payment transaction is successful, you will be redirected to your dashboard or ask to log in to access your dashboard. Copy your username and keep it safe. Your Username also known as "Referral" code will be attached to your account on the website.

c. Next is to refer your friends, relatives, loved ones, colleagues, neighbors or anybody at all to this website by giving them the website address and your referral code(this is important because you will be in their upline to earn GH¢20 each directlt from those you will give your user name to and also GH¢20 each from all those who will come after them. They will also see your name when they enter your username or referral code during the signup process.)

d. Get as many people you can and and keep loging into your account to check your earnings.

e. You can also place and add on the newspapers, radio stations, social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. That is all you’ve got to do.

f. Once you become a member of Wealth Souvenirs Ghana, you automatically become your own boss and a member of the team where we will meet at regular time to help each other recruit more people. We provide every member in the team the needed training, equipment, flyers and support to help them earn more.


Payment request can be made with as little as GH¢20 from your Wealth Souvenirs Account. Payments are done every day via all Mobile Money Networks (MTN, AIRTEL, TIGO AND VODAFONE) within 24 hours.

Users without Mobile Money Wallet will have to come to Wealth Souvenirs Ghana office at Tesano during working days to collect their money in cash or Cheques (cheques are only issued when payment request is above GH¢500)

Contact Address

Accra, Tesano, Behind Tesano Police Station
WhatsApp : +233244641460,