How do I become a part of Souvenirs Ghana?
You can become a part of Souvenirs Ghana by simply clicking on [Join Now] and entering your details as required. You will need a minimum mobile money account balance of GH¢ 101.00p on your Mobile Money Wallet to become part. A referral code will be issued to you after all the five names on the list have been paid. Note that the extra GH¢1 is to take care of the mobile money transaction charges.


What is the minimum amount required to start?
The minimum amount required to be fully registered to have your referral code is GH¢ 101.0p


What do I need in other to be part?
In other to be part you will need a computer or a smart phone with internet connection. You will also need an MTN mobile money account.


How do I get paid?
Payments are done only on Mondays and Thursdays between 12: am and 11: 59 pm upon your request. All you need to do is to log into your account and click on “Request Payment”. Confirm your password and Mobile money number and your payment will be processed and to your mobile money wallet within 24 hours.


Is Souvenirs Ghana legal?
Yes. Souvenirs Ghana is one of the legitimate referral businesses in the world. It is actually a trading on the internet.


How do I earn?
You can earn by referring your friends, loved ones, relatives, or anybody at all by giving them the website address and your referral code( This is important since they will see you name at the top of the list if they enter your referral code. Thus you will be the first person to receive the GH ¢20 in your souvenirs Ghana account) Get as many people as you can and believe it: you are on your way to getting millions of cedes cash all in your mobile money account.


Does Souvenirs Ghana have a refund policy?
Yes, Souvenirs Ghana has a refund policy for those who wish to have their money refunded back to them.


Can I track my earnings?
Yes. You can track your earnings by simply logging into your account. You can know your total earnings.


What if I don’t have a mobile money account?
Due to the nature of this online business it is mandatory for you to have a mobile money account.


How can I bring people into Souvenirs Ghana?
With your referral code and the website address, you can refer your friends, loved ones, relatives, or anybody at all by giving them the website address and your referral code. You can also place an ad in the newspaper, radio stations, or even on the social media.


Who can be part of this business?
All persons above 18 years of age who can read and write are eligible for this online business.


What if I lost my referral code?
If you misplaced your referral code, all you’ve got to do is to log into your account. In your account you can find your referral code.


What if my mobile money account got finished after paying the third or fourth person?
You can log out of your account and continue at a later time. Your session will be saved in your account. Note that you referral code will be issued to you only after all the five persons on the list have been paid.


Contact Address

Accra, Tesano, Behind Tesano Police Station
WhatsApp : +233244641460,